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R E C R U I T I N G    
We are recruiting players of level 1 to 30 and we accept everyone's alts... Please send us a Private Message in-game to get an invite.

Casual, friendly, crafty, helpful and fun.

Prefered Factions : Travelers, CH.O.T.A., Vistas.
But we accept any other factions.



Nightram Colt, Dec 5, 11 12:18 AM.
Hello Nomads,
                     Our clan is growing and growing, even though there are Many new games comin' out, we are still standing and alive.  Since the first day, our tribe keep adding very interresting players.  For our 3 months anniversary, we will be having a clan screenshot event that will take place in the town Voted by, yes you already know, you.

I will be posting a Poll on the "Poll page" to know 1st: which sector will be chosen;  2nd which town/area in the winning sector will host the background of that screenshot.

Then a thread will be open in the Forum to decide where exactly will take place the shot.  this thread will be open to everyone.

On top of it, I will be available to make any "Construction camp site" for the shot(as long as I can make it).

We might end this event with a draw and/or bloodsport and/or camp-fire event.

Please REGISTER for the event on the calender page.

Thank you,
~Nightram Colt~

Thanks Giving inFallen Earth

Nightram Colt, Nov 24, 11 9:01 AM.

Whether you help your fellow Wastelanders get to the bottom of the Prairie Turkey breeding epidemic (THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!) or take a swing at our limited time only Turkey Piñata, it's clear that Thanksgiving has arrived in the Wasteland! To get yourself involved in both of these fun events, read the following!

Prairie Turkeys are breeding like mad and have inundated the Wasteland! Help your fellow Wastelanders get a handle on the epidemic by looking for any new faces in Embry, Needle Eye, Sunshine corners, Trader’s Flat and Los Alamos. They’re working to get to the bottom of the situation, and need your help! Expect some twists and turns along the way, but you will be rewarded for your efforts!

If you are more in the mood for celebration and gifts, head to the Fallen Earth Marketplace for our Thanksgiving-only Turkey Piñata, which offers you the chance to win the exclusive and unreleased-until-now Chopper (pic and pic), along with a slew of other prizes. Bust open the Turkey Piñata as many times as you like (1 Piñata per purchase, no purchase limit) and keep winning!


Nightram Colt, Nov 12, 11 2:42 PM.

Camp Fire Night               ** Open World PvP **

From 3pm to 11:30pm (Eastern Time Zone)

**8pm to 4:30am GMT**

******Since yesturday's crash affected the ******
******camp fire event, we will do it tonight******

Events planned :

  - Fist Fights;
  - Best long Distance Rifle Aim;
  - Blood Sport (DM, Assault, etc.);
  - *Drawing : Camp Site Items.

**Go Register on the Calender, if you are going to be there, to gain 15 DKP.

***Hopefully the server is gonna be fixed in time.

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